Thursday, September 17, 2009


God has given me the privilege of being a mother to a boy. He's not just a little bit boy, he's all boy!

When thinking about the day we found out he was going to be a boy, I was terrified. We already had a girl and I thought I was a great mother for girls. Josh too thought he was destined to be a father to four girls. While that still may come true, we know now that God always intended us to be the parents of a boy as well.

I have had to pray to Jesus many times for Him to open my eyes to see the joy of having a son. Our son has so much energy and has tested something that I often hold too dear, my comfort. After eight years of marriage I see now that marriage is not just for happiness but also for holiness, and I would say the same thing about parenting. Parenting is not just for happiness but also for holiness.

Today, however, joy filled my heart because I have a son. We began a bible study today called Bible Study Fellowship and will be going through the book of John for the remainder of the year. They have a fantastic children's program so I was very excited to take the kids to a place where they will be enjoying time with other kids while learning how to study God's word and worship Jesus as God. When I picked up Isaac today, the teacher said, "Isaac had a great morning in class, he was filled with energy! And when they sang their welcome song and it was Isaac's turn to say his name, he jumped right up and shouted his name. He was the only one in the class to do it, as all other kids were very shy on their first day." Many mom's would be scared at the thought of Isaac "being filled with energy" but I felt great joy as I know the teachers did a great job in helping him channel that energy toward worshipping Jesus. Thank you so much to all of you volunteers who will be pouring into our children's lives this year.

Then on the way home, I was again reminded that my boy, is all boy. But instead of being annoyed, I saw joy in it. Lately Isaac has been able to make a weapon out of any object he comes across, therefore my most common statement to him lately is "Isaac that is not a weapon, please do not hit anyone or anything please. " Usually upon saying this, I'm very annoyed that he created an object into a weapon. But today, when he took his McDonald's Happy Meal box, and used it as a weapon, and after saying the ever common saying of explaining that it is not a weapon, I had a smile on my face.

Thank you Jesus for showing me joy in raising a son!

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