Thursday, August 13, 2009

Missing Mom

Today marks three years without Mom. I am actually having a harder time this year than any other year. I would like to say that I'm just not as preoccupied as other years but that isn't the case.

Why do I miss her more this year than any other? God has grown us so much over the last three years that I would love for her to be able to share in it with us. However, she is in the presence of his glory and doesn't need to be reminded of it like we do here on earth. To be honest though, it is actually hard to articulate exactly why I miss her.

I went through some pictures this afternoon and thought I would share a few. It reminded me of all the things that she did share with me and how she discipled me long before I knew what that even meant. I don't remember her using many words in our daily life to share Jesus with me, but was seeming always submitted to his will for us as a family. (This last statement may not even be true though because my memory is terrible and for so long my heart was very hard and I couldn't hear what was being shared about Jesus around me.)

Anyway, on to the pictures. Her high school graduation picture. She was beautiful, wasn't she?

This is the year I was born. I don't know the month this was taken but it looks like she was pregnant but not too far along. My guess it was July or August.

The year I graduated high school she retired from her career of running an in home daycare. I was thinking a lot about this, this week because it was Isaac's second birthday and oh how I wish she could have met him. She loved children and they loved her. Here is a picture of her with the kids she took care of. I don't remember where this picture was taken, but I'm thinking we did a picnic or something with the families before she retired.
One of my favorite reminders of her today was when I found this picture of her and dad dancing at our wedding. We buried her in the pink suit she was wearing.

This last picture is how I remember her best down to the glasses around her neck. This picture was taken when they came out to visit for my college graduation from the University of Washington. After visiting here they went down to Oregon to visit an old friend and stopped for this picture op along the way. She loved gardening and the outdoors. During this trip, she landscaped our yard beautifully. The home that we're trying to sell. Makes me sad to think of not seeing all that she put together for us to enjoy the tiny bit of yard we do have. But thankful for the inspiration she gave me to want to landscape the new home waiting for us somewhere out there.

I sure do miss her, but am thankful so much for all that left behind in her legacy. Seeing how she went out of this world, reminds me that my ultimate goal is to finish strong and finish well.


  1. What a lovely tribute, Sarah. You look a lot like her in that senior picture. I'm so sorry that you lost your mom so early. I only got to meet and visit with her those few times and I really enjoyed her. What a wonderful person she was. w/love, Jan

  2. Love you, your family, your heart and now your blog!

  3. I am glad to have met you and your family through community group. You are an inspiring person and I am excited to follow your blog.